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Maximize The Potential of Graduates, Corporate Teams and their Managers

Graduate Solutions was created to support the ongoing development of newly appointed Graduates, Corporate Teams and their Managers.

After much research it became clear that graduate potential was often slow to be developed and all too frequently wasted.

Graduate Solutions offers a comprehensive development programme for managers helping you to maximise the potential of your graduates and teams in the minimum amount of time.

We specialise in providing a comprehensive service for graduates who want to get ahead and want to do it quickly, by providing an effective bridge between the world of education and the fast paced professional world of targets and accountability.

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Corporate Team Building

Successful teams build upon the combined experience and expertise of all the individuals and do so much more.

Effective team development ensures that you maximize the opportunity for team members to spark ideas, develop creativity and create an exciting "can do" approach.

Ineffective teams cost time, energy and money. They fuel discontent and problems proliferate.

Graduate Solutions offers you the opportunity to generate a great team. We provide great team building ideas and team work activities to underpin your corporate team development leading to lasting growth and sustained performance.

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Support for Corporate Managers

Graduate Solutions offers a comprehensive development programme for managers and their graduates to help you maximise their potential in the minimum amount of time.

If you are responsible for introducing graduates into your corporate environment - "We provide support for managers to create a working climate where people are committed to the organisation and keen to deliver your strategic vision!".

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Graduates Entering the Corporate World

Backed by Graduate Solutions you can discover the essential skills and techniques which will help you excel in your career – what ever your profession.

If you are a graduate entering the world of business for the first time and are keen to get ahead, or if you are already at work and want to be seen as a leader of the future - "We can help you develop essential skills and maximise your potential!".

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About Gina Gardiner our Founder

With over thirty years experience in developing people, helping them to attain their full potential Gina Gardiner has a proven track record in the ongoing development of leadership and management skills at all levels from training newly appointed graduates to supporting Middle and Senior Managers.

She was recognised by Investors In People as creating an "Innovative and Exemplary Training Programme for Emerging and Middle Managers" and by Ofsted as an "Inspirational Leader". Her experience includes that of "Change Management" and in supporting organisational leaders in developing strategic vision and creating a "can do" culture.

She brings her experience as a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and that of working in developing leadership which has been at the heart of her life’s work.

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