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From: Gina Gardiner, management expert and inspirational leader
Location: London, UK
Re: Your career success

Dear graduate or school leaver

If you are just setting out in the job market and want a powerful guide to your success, then please keep reading. It could be the best move that you make …

Are you asking yourself any of these questions?

What’s on your mind as you take this momentous first step into your career? You’re probably wondering about lots of things. Please tick the boxes below if you find yourself asking any of these questions.

Are you ambitious to build a successful career for yourself?
Are you worried that you aren’t prepared for your new job?
… or even that you won’t get through your induction programme?
Are you scared stiff about that all-important interview?
Do you need to present yourself better on your CV but you don’t know where to start?
Are you struggling to write the perfect letter of application?
Do you find the thought of an interview daunting?
Do you keep missing out on getting interviews for that dream job, and you’re not sure why?
Are you wondering what ‘being a professional’ really means?
Have you started your first job and you’re all at sea, only just keeping up with the challenges?
Do you want to improve your communication skills – in speaking, writing and listening?
Do you want to hit the job scene running, so that you create a good impression and work effectively from the very start?
Are you wondering what it takes to be truly successful in your career?
Do you have some weak spots, such as time-keeping or dealing with criticism, and you want to sort them out?
Are you worried that your relationship with your new boss may get in the way of your success?
Do you wish you’d had some instruction in basic work practices such as managing your paper or email communications, chairing meetings or giving a presentation?
Do you struggle with being assertive? You know what outcome you want, but you are either too afraid to ask for it, or you become too pushy or aggressive?
Are you going into a managerial position but you’ve never managed people before?
Are you already feeling stressed out in your first job and need to know how to manage this stress?
Are you worried about how you will be able to balance the demands of your ‘work’ and those of your ‘life’?

What you want is to Kick Start Your Career!

Kick Start Your Career is the perfect companion for people who are ambitious and want to create a successful career. Graduates and school-leavers like you used to go naked into the workplace – but no longer! Help is at hand in the form of this treasure house of practical strategies and advice to help YOU to develop all the skills you need to flourish in your career.

If you are still looking for your first job offer, you’ll be familiar with the challenges of CV and letter-writing, of interviews … and rejections. This book is packed full of first-rate advice on landing the job of your dreams. It will be like having your best friend in the interview room with you.

If you have just landed your first job – congratulations! But you know as well as I do that you’ve only jumped the first hurdle of many. Now come the challenges of displaying new skills, managing your workload – and your boss – and showing that you’ve got what it takes to be really successful. In short, that you have leadership potential.
Kick Start Your Career is the key to the door marked ‘Your Success’.

It covers every aspect of good workplace practice, from managing meetings to how to present yourself, from increasing your efficiency to becoming more assertive. It understands the many and varied demands of professional life, and presents no nonsense, step-by-step strategies for dealing with them.

Whatever skill you need to learn or improve, Kick Start Your Career will give it to you straight

You want to give great presentations? You’ll make your boss and colleagues sit up and take notice.
You want to be more efficient? You’ll be able to manage your time, as well as your paperwork, so well that your productivity will rocket.
You want to know what it takes to become a great leader? This book will help you improve your chances of getting there.
You want to be able to negotiate skillfully? You’ll be creating win-win situations at every turn.
You want to know how to take the initiative even more? You’ll learn how to make the right decisions at the right time, and really get noticed by your superiors.
You want to be able to manage change without stress? Those who can embrace and manage change will thrive in their work.
You want to be a good team member? You’ll learn how to think about your performance as part as a team, not just as an individual.
You want to know how to get promoted? This book will fast-track you through the ranks.
You want to be able to manage workplace stress? Coping with stress is key to your future health and wealth.

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So what makes Kick Start Your Career so special?

This book is the fruit of research that I conducted with a huge number of organisations. I discovered EXACTLY what the key skills were that businesses really looked for in their staff – especially their new staff, joining from school or university. And I have addressed these needs directly and systematically in Kick Start Your Career.

I have over thirty years’ experience in developing people, in helping them to attain their full potential. I have a proven track record in providing leadership and management skills at all levels, from training newly appointed graduates to supporting middle and senior managers – in fact I was recognised by ‘Investors In People’ as creating an innovative and exemplary training programme for emerging and middle managers, and by Ofsted as an “inspirational leader”. My experience includes running successful organisations myself, as well as supporting organisational leaders in developing their strategic vision and a “can do” culture.

As a coach and Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), my life’s work is devoted to bringing the best out of individuals, at whatever stage they are in their working life.

My aim is to share all my skills and experience – that’s what makes Kick Start Your Career the must-have guide for those of you who thirst for success.

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What will Kick Start Your Career actually give you?

This is what you will receive …

practical solutions – a ‘how to’ guide packed with strategies on improving your performance in every aspect of your working life
no nonsense and jargon-free writing – the approach throughout is on providing a positive, easy to understand manual of successful practice
a fabulous time- and energy-saving resource – you will be working efficiently and effectively from the very start
a real stress-buster – as you will be able to manage your workload, and your boss, without all that draining anxiety
a model of professionalism – covering all aspects of what it means to be a professional, such as image, taking responsibility, time-keeping and communication skills
a confidence booster – you’ll be able to walk tall among your peers, and really show your superiors how much you have to offer
a step-up to promotion – you will fast-track your career, as you’ll be seen as part of the solution rather than part of the problem
literally hundreds of tips – covering skills from improving your listening to managing your boss
a master-class in leadership – if your goal is to be a leader, then you need to start NOW
dozens of practical exercises – to reinforce the theory and help you leap the hurdles of professional life
valuable audits, or self-monitoring tools – so that you can track how well you communicate, how to deal with stress, and how to improve your leadership skills
fascinating case studies – which show you how particular skills can be developed, and specific difficulties overcome

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But please don’t take my word for it …

Here’s a selection of things that other people have had to say about Kick Start Your Career.

This book is fantastic for all graduates who are trying to ‘kick start’ their career and get one step ahead in the battle for their dream job. Not only does it have useful and practical information on how to construct a decent CV and letter of application, as well as hints and tips for any interviews, it is also full of suggestions of how to stay valued and deal with any problems once the job is yours.

I feel sure that without the help of this book I would never have been offered my new fabulous job!

Katy H, Essex


What a help! I got the job I wanted, I’m doing great, feel confident and ready to tackle the next step. Kick Start Your Career made a real difference. It was a real boon when I had to tackle new things or when I felt unsure – the giving presentation section and managing your boss were particularly useful. Thanks!

PR, London

So what will this amazing resource cost me?

I am sharing the secrets of best practice in highly successful companies. Everything in this book has been tried and tested in a variety of organisations. So you can be assured that if you practise these skills and strategies your career will flourish beyond your dreams.

How valuable is that?

You could learn many of these skills and techniques at the workshops that I give to graduates and managers all over the country. But each workshop would cost you about £250 and that’s not including travel or accommodation.

You could also buy dozens of self-help and career development books that clutter the shelves of bookshops, but that would set you back hundreds of pounds. And how can you be sure about the quality of the material you are reading – or of the credentials of the writers?
Kick Start Your Career is more than a book. It’s a lifetime’s valuable experience, a must-have resource for anyone who wants to make a success of their career. The cover price of £37 hardly represents its true value and worth to your future.


Our 100% Risk Free 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Kick Start Your Career could be the best investment that you make in your successful career. We believe that the proven strategies and skills in this book are so effective that we would like you to buy Kick Start Your Career entirely at our risk.

For this reason, Kick Start Your Career comes with a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. We don't want ANYTHING to get in the way of you benefiting from these valuable ideas.

So here's our personal guarantee to you:

If after studying the concepts, working through the activities and applying the skills and principles of this book you honestly aren't experiencing any positive change in any area of your work, then simply email us within 90 days of purchase and we'll happily refund all of your money, and you can keep the book.

How can you lose – except by not taking us up on this amazing offer?


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I wish you all the career success that you deserve!

Gina Gardiner

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