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Creating a Great "Work - Life" Balance

Identifying what people love about their job, identifying what gives people satisfaction, and why, is a useful indication of the culture in any organisation.

We offer a range of services for organisations to ensure their staff are contented in their work, motivated to excel and can balance the excitement and competitiveness of corporate life with a quality life outside of work.

Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

You could use one of our existing courses or have one tailor made to your specific needs.

Below are a couple of examples of different approaches we have used with organisations including groups from Barclays and Microsoft.

The Effective and Efficient Use Of Time

This course which is all about finding solutions and anticipating potential pitfalls before they become an issue.

The session is highly interactive –
It offers challenge and support as it deepens the thinking of individuals and the team. It encourages and empowers those involved to find the solutions rather than feel they are victims of circumstances.

By the end of the session the participants leave with a clear strategy for making the best use of their own time and for ensuring that they have a positive impact on the time of others.

*A great spin off from this activity is the positive team development.

Create A Life You Truly Love

This course is designed in two stages, over a three month period.

Stage one – a one day group seminar to introduce the principles of creating "work - life" balance and strategies to achieve personal fulfilment and wellbeing.

Stage two – 3 sessions of Individual 1:1 coaching.

The course will enable the participants to:

It is ideal for those who are under pressure or who want to ensure that they remain at optimum performance in the long term.